This is the blog of Jessica Marcell, an animation graduate from the University of the West of England, Bristol. I am
working hard on my design portfolio at the moment and hope to be able to show its progression right here.


Somethingth of November 2013
Idents made for Animated Exeter this time last year.

Its been a while since I last posted and it may be another while before I post anything else. 
Please excuse the mysterious black bars popping onto the screen. Can't fix that right now.

Best wishes to everyone, thank you for visiting my blog. 


10th of November 2012

Been doing some work for an animation festival. These are a few illustrations that aren't going to be used. I still kind of like them so I thought I'd share them here. 

These are Photoshop illustrations and they are supposed to be inspired by 50s style animation.



13th of October 2012

Clouds. Never decided if this was a man or a woman.. bird.


17th of September 2012

Some character sketches, its been a while. My dear pencil. How I missed you.


4th of September 2012

These are some pictures I did that really don't feel finished for some reason. WHY?? OH, WHY... why.
 Don't really know what to do to them so I thought I'd just upload them anyway, I guess that means they're finished. Does it? Too many questions. I just don't know anymore.


27th of August 2012

Had the opportunity to do a really long life drawing. So I took in my trusty computer. This was 4 hours.


17th August 2012

Wow its so hard to be bothered to upload these things. I'm SO lazy...