This is the blog of Jessica Marcell, an animation graduate from the University of the West of England, Bristol. I am
working hard on my design portfolio at the moment and hope to be able to show its progression right here.


9th January 2011

 They are made of flesh, they hang off  your arms and they 
are often quite useful. A post about hands

What a nightmare hands can be. I must admit that I have never worried about hands too much and whenever I've set about drawing them they have, somehow or another, ended up looking alright. That being said whenever trying to draw them in a life drawing situation I go into a blind panic. Which is an exaggeration. So I set some time aside to study some hands

The drawing and digital paintings were done from some photographs I took from some very helpful hand models. I have put the painting steps for the picture above the jump. I have also included in this post a pencil drawing and another digital painting. 

I took a while over these drawings with the aim of getting to better understand lighting and shadow works. The pencil drawing took about 40 minutes and the digital paintings took a couple of hours each.

Anyway more portfolio stuff soon.

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