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28th of January 2011

Consider yourself.. drawn.. by me.. if you are a building.. in London.
A post about drawings of london

Last week I went for a walk about London, its so easy to forget what a good looking city it actually is. I've been lusting after a day trip to Brussels to do some Art Nouveau drawing. Which I haven't done since I was sixteen when I went for a crappy art project on the fascinating subject of "walls". But it really is an unjustifiable expense considering I do live in a city. London's no Brussels but its not difficult to find some really lovely places to draw.

The first drawing is the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington. The next two were drawn in Trafalgar Square. The last image is of the Natural History Museum.

These were drawn in a lovely black pen given to me for my birthday, which I haven't really had a chance to use up until now and a grey marker. (is that obvious?)
Anyway, despite the cold I was surprised how much I enjoyed drawing these buildings and look forward to doing it again. Hopefully, (but almost definately not) in Belgium.

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  1. great. I like your style. somehow classic-modern drawings with much energy and a very good line-expression.
    Good work!