This is the blog of Jessica Marcell, an animation graduate from the University of the West of England, Bristol. I am
working hard on my design portfolio at the moment and hope to be able to show its progression right here.


2nd of February 2011

Howdy. A post about a picture of a chat. 
Process pictures below

 I must admit I'm not a huge cowboy person but I loved the film chicken cowboy and it must have been somewhere in my subconscious when I came up with this composition. I said I have been drawing birds and lizards lately and i think horses is another animal I can add to the list. Why is this? I don't know.

Once again I started with the now infamous green doodle. Its a good way to get ideas down because you can't really be a wuss like you can with pencil. The drawing is either there or it isn't. Its quick and a good way to trick my brain.

Next I did a rough drawing and started the digital process. I tried to use warm colours because its a hot day.

And that is what happened. Thanks a lot.
PS. Do you like my February Orangeman? I may have to use him on a lot of posts this month. The Orangeman doesn't really like dressing up but I made him do it.


  1. Great! Thank you for posting the work process. Very interesting!

  2. btw, the orangeman's suit is sooo cool :-)))

  3. What lovely comments, I'm very flattered. Thank you.