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working hard on my design portfolio at the moment and hope to be able to show its progression right here.


15th of February 2011

Big girl fights an insect. A post about the process 
of this illustration. Click for close-ups etc.

Well this is the third night illustration that I did and its origins are the same of the pictures in this post. I feel happy to be finally leaning towards a proper background in this illustration and backgrounds are what I hope to be focusing on next. The main point of this was to make something dramatic and especially the colour of the sky.

When I was creating designs for my final film last year I remember showing my tutor an awful background design and his main comment was about the sky being blue. I hadn't really thought about this, but looking closely the sky in London almost always seems to be white. When there was snow, it was the exact same colour as the sky which looked so dramatic and awesome. White is boring but so is blue and I've realised that you can make the sky pretty much any colour you want.

As well as process this time I decided to add some close ups. I put in quite a bit of detail in this painting so I thought I may as well include it.

Anyway, this was fun. Lets do it again.

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  1. so cooL! love the colors n perspective. just lovley this! x3'