This is the blog of Jessica Marcell, an animation graduate from the University of the West of England, Bristol. I am
working hard on my design portfolio at the moment and hope to be able to show its progression right here.


16th of March 2011

A post about rabbits and birds.
Click for some more.

The character I was trying to design is called Nigel, he is a rabbit that lives in an office. The pictures above kind of drifted away from the office image when I coloured them, but I quite like how they turned out, regardless of the fact that they are not Nigel.
I did a few more pages of sketches that I didn't feel like colouring yet, and probably never will so I thought I may as well share them.

I also did some birds. There was no character in mind here, just birds generally because birds are fun to draw. Don't like birds that much in real life, although chickens are awesome. In the book I got out from the library about chickens, one of them had an afro.

Well that's it. More soon, probably, maybe.

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