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working hard on my design portfolio at the moment and hope to be able to show its progression right here.


2nd August 2011

See the process of this illustration 
and more more tigers below

Wow, I've been drawing a lot of tigers lately. I mean a lot. What's going on? I don't know but here are some more tiger sketches to continue this post. 

I took out a big book of tigers from the library and these are some stylised versions of the photographs in the books.

Yup.. so..

Anyway, that was just an intermission really, lets move on to the illustration. This is one of two top hat tiger illustrations, hence the "I" in the post title. Because I feel like I normally rush when drawing, or doing anything, I made a special effort to do these illustrations slowly. So with that in mind, lets move on. I started off with a small thumbnail drawing which I drew out into the rough drawing below.


This has straight lines added in photoshop and I lightened the image and enlarged the image ready to print out and trace onto watercolour paper. The image below is just a rough colour guide in photoshop, to simplify the process of choosing colours with watercolour.

This is the image being traced onto the watercolour paper

I used masking fluid, for the first time ever (I think) To make sure that the wallpaper came out smoothly.

After putting yellow for the bass of the wallpaper, I added more masking fluid for the pattern on the paper.


More painting.

These are the final colours before the lines. I don't like the colours that much, they seem quite wussy and dull, In future I'm going to try not to shy away from strong colours just becuase its watercolour. It might make it look more exciting? Maybe?

And there you have it. Next top hat post coming soon.

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