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5th August 2011
When will the tigers end?
Now hopefully for a little while at least
click to see the process of this illustration.


I'm going to use this post as an opportunity to finally post all my tiger drawings. These first two are some quick sketches from the zoo. 


It seems like the tigers are always sleeping always. So this is the most active I have been able to draw them. Now my zoo pass has run out so I will probably not get to see them standing up ever, or at least for a while.

These are some exaggerated portraits from a library book not as good as drawing them from the zoo, but less expensive and their eyes are open! Which is a novelty, the tigers in the zoo must be really bored.

Now onto the process of the above illustration. I took a similar approach to the illustration in the last post and enlarged a small sketch in photshop and created a rough colour guide.

Because the legs and wallpaper stripes under the table are so confusing I did a quick guide in colouring pencils which was helpful but I still made a mistake in the end.. oops.

This is the original sketch traced onto watercolour paper.

I started by painting the background.

Then built up layers

Below is the final image before painting the lines.

And that's that for tigers
Let's move on with our lives.

(PS. I actually have another illustration with some tigers which, lucky for you, I can't post yet. Secret tiger.)

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